Witnesses L, M

Name Employer Background/type Role/job Notes Days of testimony
Lachman, P North West London Hospitals Primary Care NHS Trust Health PCT Clinical director for women and children services Clinical director for women and children services, responsible for rewriting child protection procdeures 23/01/02
Lawrence, S LB of Ealing Social Services Senior practitioner Senior practitioner – social worker. Managed the referral and assessment process and supervised social workers 04/10/01
Lewington, P LB of Haringey Union, UNISON rep. Assistant branch secretary Assistant branch secretary of UNISON. Office procedures. 03/12/01
Lima, A Church,
LB of Haringey
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pastor Pastor in church that VC attended. Saw Kouao, Manning + VC. 06/12/01
Lipworth, C LB of Enfield Social Services Team manager
(P/T job share)
Team Leader of the Hospital Social Work Department at NMH. Responsible for team of 9 FTE social workers. Absent on days when VC on ward 15/11/01
Ludgate, R LB of Brent Social Services Acting director Acting Director of Social Services 16/10/01 + 18/10/01
Mairs, A LB of Haringey Social Services Team manager Team manager of Duty Investigation and Assessment team. Supervised social workers on VC case 07/12/01
Manning, C Independent Boyfriend of Aunt, convicted Convicted of the murder of Victoria Climbié Convicted of the murder of Victoria Climbié 30/01/02
Playback of videotape evidence
Martin, W LB of Ealing Social Services Social worker Approved social worker under Mental Health Act. Worked in emergency duty team 01/10/01
McGregor, K
(née Brown)
LB of Haringey Social Services Home visitor (housing) Home visitor. Visited Koouao home on request of housing registration team 26/11/01
Meates, MA North Middlesex Hospital Health Hospital Consultant paediatrician Consultant paediatrician. As on duty admitting consultant, responsible for acute care of VC 16/11/01
Meehan, G LB of Haringey Council Leader Leader of Haringey Council. Responsibilities to chair Policy and Strategy Committee + Executive Council + sit on the Social Services Committee 29/01/02
Mensah, P Church,
LB of Ealing
Joy Baptist Church, Harlesden Pastor Pastor at Joy Baptist church. Gave advice + support to Kouao 08/10/01



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