Witnesses T, V, W

Taub, L North Middlesex Hospital Health Hospital Sister, special care baby unit Sister, special care baby unit. Saw VC because she spoke French and abuse was suspected. 08/11/01
Teodorski, H Victoria’s history Ambulance Service, London Ambulance technician Newly qualified. Transferred VC to hospital 24/02/01 28/09/01
Thrift, K LB of Brent Social Services Social worker Duty social worker responsible for taking child protection referrals and undertaking child in need assessments. Took referral of VC case 15/10/01
Travers, A LB of Haringey Council Head of corporate finance Acting Head of Corporate
Finance + Deputy Chief Financial Officer, responsible for financial planning process and delivery of CFO finance functions
Turton, C LB of Haringey Council + Social Services Chair, social services committee, Haringey Council Labour member for Haringey Council + Chair of the Social Services Committee 18/12/01
Tutt, N LB of Ealing Social Services Director Director of Social Services 23/01/02
Tyrrell, E Parkside Health NHS Trust
LB of Brent
Health PCT Specialist child protection nurse Specialist Nurse for Child Protection. 12/10/01
Victor, G LB of Ealing Social Services Social worker Social worker. Dealt with Kouao + VC re housing 01/10/01
Viljoen, Y
(née Hurter)
LB of Haringey Social Services Locum social worker Duty locum social worker for Child in Need Team. Met with Kouao + VC 26/11/01
video tape playback
Watson, E D Tottenham Child and Family Centre, LB of Haringey NSPCC Practice manager of Lansdowne Road Health Centre Practice manager + social worker with responsibilities for managing Health Centre + supervising / managing 6 officers 20/12/01
Wheeler, P Police,
North West Crime Operational Command Unit
Metropolitan Police Service Detective Chief Inspector Detective Chief Inspector with responsibility for Child Protection Teams North West Crime 10/01/02 + 01/02/02
Wilkin, B LB of Ealing Social Services Group support assistant Group Support Assistant in the Referral and Assessment Team 02/10/01
Wilson, C LB of Haringey Social Services Assistant director Assistant director with responsibility for
9 service managers + 9 nine service areas. Was involved with Part 8 of VC case.
14/12/01 + 10/07/02
Winter, J LB of Ealing Social Services Homeless persons officer Homeless persons officer, 13 years experience. No child protection experience 01/10/01



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